Refrigerated transport

Do you need transport for refrigerated or frozen goods? We offer refrigerated transports both domestically and internationally for any type of goods

Do the goods fall into the perishable category?

We provide you with sprinter or truck type vehicles, inside which the temperature can be set from -20 degrees to +25 degrees. We provide a thermodiagram that certifies the temperature throughout the transport

Whether you need transport for frozen goods (fish, meat, frozen vegetables) or for refrigerated goods (vegetables, fruits, fish and fresh meat, flowers, plants, medicines, etc.) we can offer a solution that meets your needs at an advantageous price

If you want groupage transport, we provide partition containers with a wall, so that the goods will be transported separately from other goods, at the desired temperature/p>

How do we work?

Our way of working

First of all, in order to be able to offer you the best quotation, we will need more details about the transport:


What do you have to bring?


What are the loading and delivery locations?


When is the load ready to be picked up and when is the delivery desired?


Is the load palletized or bulk?

  • a. If it is palletized, how big are the pallets and how many are there?
  • b. If it is loose, how many meters of floor does it occupy and how many cubic meters does the goods have?

What is the tonnage / weight of the goods?


Other specific information?


After you have provided us with this information, our colleagues will immediately start dealing with your request, and will return with a quote and the possibility of uploading.


If you agree with our price and terms, our colleagues will ask you for additional information, will draw up a transport contract and will send the car to the loading


Why us?

We offer 24/7 assistance for ongoing transport

We deliver on time

We respond to all requests within 60 minutes

We have Transportation License issued by ARR

We work with CMR Insurance Transport Contract

We offer related transport services such as warehousing, handling and customs services (if needed)