Transport for your car/truck:

We offer transportation for your car or any other vehicle throughout Europe

Do you have to bring new, used or damaged / defective cars?

We bring weekly cars from England, France, Germany, Spain, Greece and from all over Europe on trailer platforms of up to 9 positions

How we work?

  • We work with CMR insurance and transport contract, so that the risk of damage is minimal and your vehicle is insured throughout the transport period
  • We offer advantageous prices, the more positions you occupy, the price will be lower
  • We respond to requests within a maximum of 60 minutes
  • We load and deliver on time


Why us?

We offer 24/7 assistance for ongoing transport

We deliver on time

We respond to all requests within 60 minutes

We have Transportation License issued by ARR

We work with CMR Insurance Transport Contract

We offer related transport services such as warehousing, handling and customs services (if needed)